Event Marketing Automation

Fully Integrated with the Unity Registration Platform

Measure in real-time, adjust, repeat.

We take all of your event registrations, all their event history, what they did on site, and we marry it with a kick-butt integrated event marketing automation platform!

Campaign Performance

Measure the success of your campaign in real-time - not after the show. View real-time results by source, medium, campaign and much more.

Revenue Per Campaign

Quickly understand the revenue per campaign. Sync revenue with campaign costs for a 360 view full report. Allocate money where it is needed the most

Historical Dashboard

View an event dashboard to quickly compare how this years event measures up against past events. Understand by da and by week exactly where you are up or down, and why.

Contact History

See all of your registrations history in one place. View events attended, emails received and opened, call received, webinars, mailing pieces sent and more... by individual contact record

The tools you need, the data you have.

Automation Builder

Set and forget. Easily create powerful automated email workflows that engage, nurture and retain your attendees. All of your past and current events registrants and historical data is available at your fingertips. Updated in real-time!

  • Send auto "up-sell" emails to non-registered who opened an email or clicked on a link, or who visited your website pricing page but have not yet registered.
  • Send messages to past registrants that attended a certain conference session with details on this year's similar sessions.

Advanced List Segmentation

Dynamic lists are defined by rules which determine which subscribers should be included on the list. The list is built “dynamically” by Unity based upon those rules. 

  • All of your historical event data is synced and ready to segment.
  • Events registered/attended, sessions attended, booths visited, emails opened, call results, and oh yah, any demographic question! - you get it.
  • Segment subscribers by: website browse activity, by time on site, by goal completions, by pages viewed.

Drag and Drop Message Builder

Easily build beautiful, mobile responsive campaigns in minutes, with drag and drop ease!

A/B Testing

An A/B test is a comparison run between two versions of a message to see which performs better. After a period of time, the system automatically sends the remaining recipients the email that received the higher number of opens/clicks.

  • Compare subject lines, message content, send times, and from addresses to see which works best for your unique group of subscribers.
  • View and track A/B test statistics in real time to know which version of the message is the winner.

Abandoned Registrations

Abandoned cart journeys make it easier for sellers to reconnect with customers who navigate away from their online shopping carts. Automatically remind your customers about items they left behind in order to recapture sales and generate revenue.

Dynamic Content

Energize your open- and click-rates by including dynamic content rules within your message templates! Just insert a “dynamic content rule” into your template and each subscriber who matches that rule will see their personalized content. Dynamic content will help you leverage data like purchase history, website browse activity, email interactions, and even your CRM data.

  • Target subscribers who have opened and clicked from a specific region and show them tailored regional content.
  • Personalize content based on subscriber preferences or shown interests.

Geo Targeting

Discover where subscribers are opening your emails. Segment your lists to pull in everyone who opened or clicked your email in a specific region. Target subscribers who live within a certain mile radius of a zip code, to make sure that your emails are going to the right audience.

Inbox Testing

Email clients are far more strict than web browsers when it comes to HTML and CSS standards. Just because your email renders properly in a web browser does not mean it will render correctly in every inbox. Our service allows you to preview how your message will look in the inbox before you send.

  • View an inbox preview of your email in over 65 combinations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices – all with one click.
  • Mobile device previews give you the option to rotate devices so that you can see how it renders vertically or in landscape.

Email Subscriber Scoring

Our subscriber scoring algorithms will mine your data to quickly identify those subscribers who are most likely to read your next email, consume additional emails, or make another purchase.

  • Put this new information to work by launching additional campaigns in a highly targeted manner and watch your results soar!
  • Easily identify which subscribers are ready for sales interaction.
  • Build excitement for an event with a series of messages.

Web Visitor Tracking

Google already tracks hundreds of data-points on your website visitors, but until now, those visitors were anonymous to you. Now, with Critical Impact’s Google Analytics integration, you can harness incredibly rich website tracking data for each of your email subscribers who visit your website!

  • Segment subscribers by website browse activity.
  • Segment subscribers by time on site.
  • Segment subscribers by goal completions.
  • Segment subscribers by pages viewed.

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions, gain deeper insight into customer behavior, and monitor the values of conversions from email marketing campaigns. Easily see email tracking results that show if a subscriber clicked a call-to-action in the message, and if they then completed the “conversion” action on your website. For example, if you have a landing page that subscribers can only get to by completing a form, you can easily see what subscribers got to that page and successfully completed that conversion action.

Triggered Emails

Easily send automated/triggered messages to your subscribers based on email opens, email clicks, date fields, purchases, or other conditions that you define.

  • Send a happy birthday email on the subscriber’s birthday.
  • Welcome a new subscriber with a “thank you” and confirmation link.
  • Automatically send reminders for expiring contracts or memberships.
  • Trigger a confirmation email.
  • Trigger date-based reminders.
  • Send a welcome series.

What Do Some Of Our Clients Have To Say?

"Technically speaking, Unity Rocks. We have been on the Unity platform for several years and it is the brain & backbone of our conferences and events. The team behind Unity are approachable, open to new ideas, unafraid of taking on a challenge…not to mention down to earth and have immense expertise in our industry. The platform itself is very powerful yet has a simple/intuitive user interface. If you are considering a new partner for your organization, you need to see what Unity has to offer."

Steve Dempsey, General Manager, Canada - Diversified Communications

"Working with Unity Event Solutions is an absolute pleasure. Their dedication to innovation and detail exceeded our organizations expectations! We are very excited to continue developing innovative products with Unity."

Moses Vanderburgh, Data and Analytics Manager - BILD | Toronto Home Shows

"I am a big fan of Unity Event Solutions. Their registration software is an excellent tool I believe all Marketing Managers should be using. It makes it so easy to track our contacts, revenue, campaigns, generate detailed reports and so much more. You can literally manage all moving parts from one screen, which is huge. Their marketing automation software is very user friendly and it allows our team to create targeted email campaigns and automations within minutes. The Unity customer service is awesome too. Sandy and Mike are very knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They are open to developing new tools our team may need to help make our user experience that much better. Overall, my experiences with Unity has been great! "

Tamraa Greenidge, Marketing Manager - Macgregor Communications

"Sandy is amazing. She has helped us with a ton and is on the spot every time to assure our success. Their technology gives us much better insight, and has helped streamline our operations."

Luke Vinci, President - GSMI

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