A Complete Virtual Event Platform

Offer a completely customized and branded virtual event that can evolve into a 365 online community.
Do it your way, with virtual booths, interactive seminars, networking and much, much more!

Integrated Registration

Simple embedded forms or complex multi-step. Offer packaging with easy access and allotment control.

Virtual Sessions

Embed live streams, “set and forgets”, simulive or live Zooms, it’s your call! Offer easy access control and packaging to sessions.

Virtual Exhibits

Offer your exhibitors a full suite of features. Live video and chat, a real-time dashboard to view incoming stats and download leads.

Video Meetings

Whether it is an interactive virtual breakout room or one-one video meetings, we have you covered. Fully embedded and easy to use.


Discover and connect with like-minded people with interactive tools. AI will help discover connections with similar interests.

Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive event analytics and dashboards, powerful administrative tools and reports

One Record

Multi-event historical touchpoints. Sessions attended, booths visited, contacts made. Target market.


Easily view and manage all your events and instantly compare year-over-year progress.

API Integration

Integration with e-commerce, email marketing, CRM software as well as 3rd party tools.

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