Interactive Event Floorplans

  • Embed a custom interactive floorplan directly on your website
  • Attendees can search by interest, booth and create a personal plan pre-show and onsite
  • Sales staff can have a version of the plan for sales calls to view sold, hold or open booth spaces
  • Exhibitors can update and manage their  booth
  • Integrated exhibitor badges and lead retrieval

For Attendees

Allow attendees to browse your event via an interactive floorplan. Search by categories, tags, add favs and view detailed company information.

For Exhibit Sales

Allow your sales staff to view and share a live look at the current space availability. View by what is sold, pending and available. 

Salesforce Integration

Integration with Salesforce. The floorplan is updated as Salesforce opportunities are closed or pending. Save time and stay up-to-date!


Comprehensive event analytics and dashboards, powerful administrative tools and reports

One Company

Easily assign companies to multiple events and avoid duplication and company detail re-entry.


Easily view and manage all your events and instantly compare year-over-year progress.

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